Custom Malas

What is a Mala? A Mala is a necklace or bracelet with 108 stones that is used for prayer or meditation. Each stone represents a prayer (or mantra). It is traditionally made with a guru bead and a tassel. There are several colors and materials used in making a mala. While they are generally used for the same purpose, they mean something different to each person that wears them.

Malas are a great tool for meditation. It can be challenging to sit still and quiet your mind for a period of time. The mala provides a much-needed anchor in these situations. It also allows the user to keep easy count during mantra repetitions. Dont know how to use the mala? Email Mia directly and she will guide you

Mala beads hold a lot of mystery. They're made in a range of different colors and materials, and while they’re used for generally the same reason, they mean something slightly different to all who wear them - See more at:

Making malas is a very spiritual process. Custom malas are crafted especially for each individual person embodying what each person stands for. It is a process that can take anywhere from 3-6 hours. During this process, mantras are said and positive energy is put into each mala for the individual person. They are handmade all the way down to the tassel.

Design your own One-of-a-kind Mala

There are several things to choose from:

  • Type(s) of gemstone
  • Knotting Preference:
  1. Knotted- Longer than unknotted (falls at groin area), keeps stones more secure, and aides in meditation
  2. Unknotted: Falls shorter (above belly button), good for everyday wear.
  • Addition of large stones, skulls, shamballas (sparkle)..etc.
  • String Color
  • Stretch preference (Unknotted Only)
  • Guru Bead Preference
  • Tassel Preference
  1. Color
  2. Stone or tassel, or both!

These preferences will all capture the style of each person and help Mia to create a mala that the person really feels is a part of them. Mia makes each mala based upon the style of each person and what they are looking to create for themselves. She works with each individual and makes it specific to what they are looking for, creating a piece with love for the person that is going to wear it. This process goes from a spiritual handmade process for Mia to a spiritual wearing process for the person it is made for. Unlike any mala, these are handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Below are a few examples of custom Malas Made. If you are interested in purchasing a mala, you can purchase below and email with the specifics!