About MBrace

Jewelry with a Purpose

"Getting the Most out of life isn't about how much you keep for yourself-But how much you pour into others"-David Stoddard

The Story.

MBrace is a line of Jewelry created by Mia Marsini who is the daughter of a 2nd generation Goldsmith. While Marsini Jewelers has always been focused primarily on gold, diamonds, precious gemstones, and fine jewelry, Mia has always had an interest in natural stones. She wanted to make jewelry for everyday wear that could be easy to get on and off that focused on spirituality and positive energy incorporating natural elements. She makes bracelets and hand-knotted Mala necklaces.

MBrace is about embracing who you are as you are. In every photo, Mia is photographed wearing her jewelry as well as her own friends and family. Why not eMbrace you? Why not have real people that you know wear your jewelry in your photographs? Mia wanted to do things differently. She wanted to create a line of jewelry that embodies each person-something that serves as a reminder that each person is perfect just as they are and to give back to the greater community while doing it.

Mia gives back to several organizations. At first, In choosing an organization to give back to, Mia did research in finding something that she could relate to. Beginning at a young age, Mia struggled with a negative body image. It was important to her to find an organization about self love and empowerment of others. The Embody Love Movement is exactly what she was looking for. The purpose of ELM is to inspire and empower girls and women to embrace their inner beauty, practice kindness towards themselves and others, and believe they have purpose and can create meaning in the world. This is exactly what the purpose of MBrace is and there couldn't have been a more perfect match. A portion of most sales give back to The Embody Love movement. To learn more about the Embody Love movement, visit the website Embody Love Movement.

Mia also chooses at times to switch where her donations end up. Occasionally there is something going on within the local community that Mia feels called to give back to. Whether it's in support of a local cancer patient, an organization that is raising money, or a random act of kindness; Mia sees the value in being of service to others and has learned through her experiences that her purpose on the planet is to be for others. If in making jewelry she can be of service by donating what she can to someone in need, it lights her up to do so.

If you have something you know Mia can help with, email her @mbracemia@gmail.com.


*Please note all products are handmade to order and that MBrace is owned and operated by the designer herself. All products can take 3-14 days. Please e-mail Mia at mbracemia@gmail.com should you need your product by a specific date and she will assure it gets to you on time!